Dust Particles

Dust Particles is a collection of poetry and prose written between 2005 – 2011.

It was self-published in 2011, with an ace cover by Birmingham based graphic designer and excellent schmutter-wearer Ryan Killeen. It compromises poems and prose written from 2005-2011.

Includes live favourites such as Harry’s Phwoar, Notebook Crap and the Well Done Pig trilogy (about what happens when a hog roast goes wrong) and intriguing titles such as 1920s Brylcreem Brum Cream and Pies, Tales from Wales and Brum Waitress 1 & 2.

Social commentary, suburban psychedelia and insights into blown minds abound. Includes five (four featured and one hidden) poems relating to my debut novel Pork Pie, and introductions to my influences regarding psychogeography and magic realism feature heavily throughout.

Cover price £6.50 – email me at jameskennedycentral@yahoo.co.uk and we’ll talk postage and packing too.

Also available at the wonderful P Cafe in Stirchley, and soon the also wonderful Anchor Gallery in Digbeth.