Sunday Xpress presents…


Since 2006 I’ve been involved with an open mic/showcase event called the Sunday Xpress which has become a mainstay of the underground music and performing arts scene in Birmingham, and currently has its home at Centrala, based in the Minerva Works complex in what is referred to as Eastside.

Sunday Xpress does deserve a blog and a website of its own, publicity is gathered via social media, text message and word-of-mouth, but for the time being, any news will appear here, and where better than to start than the news of the extravaganza we have in store for this weekend on Sunday at 3pm start?

This month we are going to be joined by some beautiful new faces to our event – Stinky Wizzleteat, and a blisteringly good new line-up of Xpress favourites The Day Ends. Not that there was anything wrong with the old one of course.

Stinky Wizzleteat have been booked for this event as a tribute to the Xpresses old mate Doctor Rock/Dorm, a mainstay of our event since its early days, who sadly left this parish in 2014. He played with the band a few times, lending his incredibly persuasive Metal Machine Blues to their already pulverizing sound. They’ve returned after a brief hiatus, and are already being snapped up left, right and centre by the bigwigs so we thought it would be a great honour to have them down.

And of course, it’s already fab to have The Day Ends down. Never boring, always the ticket. Their new line-up has expanded to a four piece, and, on seeing their bedroom demos, it’s going to melt your faces off. Honest state of the nation lyrics (it’s all shit) and beautiful belligerence, you owe it to yourself to catch these as by the end of the year they’ll have a brand new set and you’ll be kicking yourself. Recommended.

When is this and what time does it start? Well, what we’re also doing this month is opening the doors at 1500, in time for a documentary film by our old mate Lizzy Piffany, the debut screening of “In Memory of a Free Festival II” (run time 90 min.) The film was shot during the summer solstice at Moseley Bog in 2012, and depicts the plight a group of wandering friends and associates gathered there to celebrate Midsummer in the driving rain under the influence of transcendental meditation, K cider, song, play and arguments with each other. The film is being shown especially as it features Dorm/Doctor Rock at length, and we feel that this would be a good way to acknowledge him. For the first “In Memory of a Free Festival” film, I’ve kindly included it below.



After this we will have an open mic/showcase event from 1700 which will last until 1930 (approx), where there will be a quick break to get the stage ready for the main acts. The gig finishes at 2230 so there is enough time for last buses and trains.

Posters are designed by Rusku, for those on Facebook click here – V.NSFW) If you would like any more information about the Xpress, then get in contact with me here and we’ll talk.

See you Sunday!

Facebook link is here


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