Ghost/Demon Attenborough on London Midland train.

As it says. There are new stickers advertising the use of streaming Wi-Fi on London Midland trains. I was sitting behind one the other day going into the City Centre, advertising the fact that you could stream a new programme by Attenborough on your device. Usually I use the stop between University and Five Ways to gawp out the window at the allotments, the private school grandeur of Hallfield Preparatory and the canal towpath. Not that day, as the sticky side of the poster blurred my vision of the natural beauty. And to top it off, a reverse demon/ghost of Attenborough in shadow was constantly staring at me, its eyes glowing red and yellow and on fire.  Looking for all like Blake, the risen from the sea hook-handed pirate out of John Carpenter’s The Fog.

It was, as they say, quite a trip. Thanks.