Creative thought processes on the abundance of addiction and choice in our society

New look Birmingham has a lot of ways for people to eat and drink. The advent of hip street vendors, pop-up coffe shops and pubs, cut-price sandwich shops and Wetherspoons’ menus have opened up a Pandora’s Box of different ways to get those endorphins and addictions sated. Here’s a written copy of some thoughts I wrote on this in my diary. Slightly edited, but not much – elements in this will appear in The Wind and The Good Book of course…

Would you like a drink from The Machine? Oh yes. Coffee. Large vodka, nervous laugh. We laugh at our addictions. Most of us are alcohol/coffee heads here, legal downers and uppers. Don’t talk to me before my second coffee in the morning. As soon as I’ve finished work it’s a cheeky pint/glass of RED. Rinse and repeat. “£4 pint of lager to get you through the hell of modern life” she said.

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