Celebrating Birmingham’s New Temporary Vista

A superb temporary vista has opened up after the demolition of Birmingham Central Library, and this is a plea to observe it whilst you have the chance.

The Birmingham Central Library has now gone. Madin’s Brutalist vision has now been erased from physical space, rubbed off Birmingham’s blackboard permanently. Existing only in the memories of those who have preserved its memory. Construction of its replacement, a mixed use development namely One and Two Chamberlain Square is due to come soon, under the name of Paradise.

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Still Walking, Darryl Georgiou and Birmingham on Film and TV

The Still Walking festival, now in its fifth year, has made its return to Birmingham this week, and will run until the 26th. This post will talk about the writing I’ve done for the festival, and eventually spotlight on one of the co-directors Darryl Georgiou, who is presenting a walk entitled “Looking for Kline” this evening, where he will take walkers on a tour around the set locations for the 70s BBC TV drama “Gangsters.”

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