The Public Realm EP – Religion in the sounds of the City

The Public Realm EP was a reaction last year to the council’s attempt to silence buskers in the centre of Birmingham, claiming that their amplified noise was distracting to shopkeepers, office workers and flat dwellers. The EP would see me wondering around the city recording the noises that I encountered and sharing them on this blog and possibly later bandcamp and/or soundcloud.

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Minervala Market – a post-apocalyptic look at arts communities in the 21st century

Every Saturday evening in August at The Wig in Ladywood, Minervala Market, a post-apocalyptic public market and trading point created by Birmingham-based artists Jonathan Charles Graney and Dale Hipkiss will take place.


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‘Dust Particles’ read out on Regal Radio

When I performed at The Anchor Gallery as overseen by Rachel Mayfield on Saturday 23rd, I got talking to a man called James Kerr, instantly yabbering on to him about folk horror and hauntology as if we’d just caught up after seven years away. When it was time to go, after stirling sets from Carys Matic, Pip Barlow and Sue Nicholls amongst others, James approached me to buy one of the books, which the intention of reading some extracts on his radio show on Regal Radio. Last Thursday, he did that very thing…

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