An Introduction to The Anchor Gallery with Rachel Mayfield

This Saturday I will be performing a showcase spoken word slot at The Anchor Gallery at Buddies 232 Cafe, on Moseley Street in Digbeth. The Anchor Gallery has been created by artist Rachel Mayfield, and the event is part of her first installation ‘Show Me Your Birmingham’, a collaborative venture that features artists who she has met and made friends with since returning to her native Birmingham last year.

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Free roaming in spaces with indeterminate futures and pasts

It’s never been the most celebrated of thoroughfares, this arcade that joins High Street to Union Street. Apart from memories of the busker who used to bash a tambourine with no jingles around the early 90s, and the time where a group of Hare Krishnas led a procession in and out of the passage, nothing really has stuck in the mind about it.

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The Fletchers Walk Shopping Mall/Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings

On the 26th of June the Adrian Boult Hall building played its last gig, before that area is levelled for preparation of Phase 3 of Paradise. I took a walk around the area surrounding the entrance, taking photos for posteriority/posterity, and to remember the times of the Library Theatre, the shopping mall and its gardens, and the Brutalist designs of the Hall leading onto the Birmingham Central Library.

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