The Wind – The Shape of Things to Come

The first draft of my long gone-on about novel, The Wind, about the changing face of Birmingham City Centre is nearing completion. Everything noted as ‘spare’ needs to go into the chapters. Then it all needs to be printed out and gone through with big markers and red pens. Then re-written. Rinse and repeat.

OK, so this has been massively delayed. I first had the idea for it in 2008, it formed the basis of my MA research in 2012, and it now has different and extended ending. Originally ending in 2013 on a Utopic celebration of the Ultimate Shopping Experience, it now includes that but will end on a sourer note in 2016, that of the pulling down of Birmingham’s Central Library.

The fact that I haven’t actually lived in the City Centre since late 2013 is a moot point. The Wind is coming and it will be well worth the wait. Anyway, it wouldn’t be truly Birmingham if it wasn’t subject to false starts and delays would it? (hopefully that excuse will wash with most of my other life projects I’ve procrastinated about.)



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