Apocalypse Nowt

Whilst writing The Wind, I am already starting work on the second installment, which I am hoping to release by 2020, with a third part to follow in 2026, when Paradise will appear in the city centre, and the HS2 links will be completed.

A few weeks ago the big news was that a fire had “ripped” through the Wholesale Markets, and the resulting “inferno” had “wrecked havoc”.Questions were asked. Was this an accident? How could this happen? Was this perhaps an inside job to secure the land for new estates of offices, boutique apartments and bijou hotels? It’s happened before? Would we be doomed to not walk that area again and be hit with the unforgiving stench of fish and fruit?

My creative writing classes knew instantly that this was a CRISIS POINT, and indeed, the crisis was happening to the city itself. The Wind: More Wind (working title) would start with this, the Markets being burnt to cinders. Photographs of the wreckage on Instagram. The ruins a harbinger of the enforced luxury of the plans for the city, smouldering whilst the money is fiddled whilst Birmingham burns.

I hadn’t been through the city as I’d been a bit ill and busy at home over the last few weeks. I passed the markets on the way back to New Street, and this would be the first time I would have seen the destruction and mayhem for myself.


Still there. Some buildings are peacefully put to death. Some stay there for years, buddliea emerging from the cracks and consuming more. I do however think though that this may have been a case of self-immolation. before it gets moved to Witton. Suicide buildings very interesting cases indeed.


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