Necessary update…

Been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. An update is necessary. As usual I’m working on the same projects I was when we last saw each other. They have been bashed into shape and actually will appear as physical books over the next few years – here’s three projects to start you off…

The Wind – My journey whilst living in Birmingham 2008 – 2013. Considering the changes inflicted on the city. For lovers of psychogeography, satire and magic. Also will include all my ‘creative reviews’ and Still Walking diatribes. The Wind will continue as an on-going project up until 2026 for the while, where Paradise will return to the city centre (and of course, the creation of Zone 10.) You will see the vision…

Suburban Psychedelia – A miscellany dealing with suburbia – journalism, stories, lists, photos, histories. More interesting than I’ve made it sound here. May be the nucleus of a very large project including gigs and releases.

The Prodigal Songs – A life through the collecting and selling of music.

There IS more (MUCH more) floating around the grey matter, but let’s pluck these out first. 36 next month, so it’s time to get on with it.

The blog will have a re-jig and deletion, and future blogs will appear here first then be tabbed into easy-to-reference tabs. And I will get rid of the hard to read font. Who knows? Maybe Tumblr may have been a better idea. But it’s this sort of procrastinating that has caused this idleness in the first place so it MUST STOP.


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