‘Made in Birmingham: Reggae Punk Bhangra’ – a creative review.

A few Sundays ago I went to a screening of ‘Made in Birmingham: Reggae Punk Bhangra”, a film made by Deborah Aston, and produced by Jez Collins, curator of the Birmingham Music Archive and Roger Shannon of Swish Films. I had been made aware of this by Roger Shannon, after I blogged about the Catapult Club Archive interview with Arthur Tapp, which had been shown as part of Vivid Projects’ 33 Revolutions series, and it was suggested that I came down.

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Walk the High Street: Cradley Heath: Still Walking Micro-Festival (2013)

Saturday morning. I passed few people on my walk to Moor Street Station, passing only by those who’d come in for a spot of overtime, dressed scantily so they could lose their jackets at lunchtime and go for a drink and a nice sit-down in one of the public parks or bars. It was still early, not just gone 8. The Saturday shoppers wouldn’t be here for a while. If they were going to do anything, they’d stay in their own districts and perhaps brave the queues later. Today, I was going to indulge in a bit of district tourism. I would be going from my end of B15 – Lee Bank, Edgbaston, to B64 – Cradley Heath, Sandwell.

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