Video Journeys #1

Whilst researching The Wind, I have not only written about and taken photos of my travels, but also recorded them on my phone, pressing the camera lens against the window, which narrows the field of vision but gives better footage (less shaky) and a clear picture. On the back of Will Self’s new book Umbrella the blurb reads “…they squeeze up the stairs and make their way to the front seat. Finest penny to be spent on the London stage, her father has said often enough, and he also says, A wide window on a widening world.” Reading this for the first time I smiled. The journeys I have made on the front seat of the 50 bus from Moseley Village to the bottom of Bradford Street in Digbeth give an impressive, almost aerial view of the sweep of the city. As you turn from Balsall Heath into Highgate Middleway you take off into the air and see Birmingham from a superb vantage point. Travellers on the top deck playing the watchers of the skies.

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