Time Gentlemen, Please – Photo Gallery

I’m currently writing a short story called ‘Time Gentlemen, Please’ which appeared in an earlier incarnation on this blog earlier on in the year. Sticklers for linear narrative and such other boring things will be pleased to hear that I have ditched the constant shifts in time and space found in the original draft and stuck to a more straightforward plot structure.

It’s written in the first person, and details the plight of a group of squatters/anarchists who take over a derelict pub in Digbeth and throw a party. The narrator isn’t as clued up or right on as the others, and spends the party in a stupor in the outside toilet and wakes up to find the place deserted. Has he gone back in time? Is the place haunted by the ghost of the junkie known as Mad Julie who died there? Why’s everyone disappeared? Who’s the strange old man in a dirty blazer squeezing sachets of brown sauce into his mild the next day?

Me being me, i’ve decided to present the story not only as your 3,000 words, but also as a short film, with photos I took when I was allowed to roam about the Floodgate Tavern in Digbeth last year in August with my iPhone. This is the full gallery, set to the lovely sounds of CAN – Evening All Day from the superb The Lost Tapes Box Set that’s out now on Spoon and you should buy it here. The photos aren’t the best in the world, and it’s only been made on Windows Movie-Maker but they convey a good atmosphere, especially for those like me who dig the idea of mooching about derelict spaces. Some of the photos will be used in the finished article, with me or someone else reading out the story over it.

For now, here’s the photo gallery – looking forward to working on the final product.


2 thoughts on “Time Gentlemen, Please – Photo Gallery

  1. At 1:09 in – Looks like you’ve captured one of the last outings for an Ansells cask Mild pumpclip – they stopped making this in June 2012 – before that it had been brewed for 100 years and was an iconic Birmingham beer. Look forward to reading the final story.

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