The musical side of JKC – The New Jerusalem.

As stated in the last Prodigal Songs post – i’m 33 1/3 this year, and intend to release a long-playing record to commemorate this. This will take the form of my musical side – The New Jerusalem – the name coming from a) a reaction because of bands with ‘The’ in their name b) a reaction about new bands being seen as the saviours of rock and roll and c) because at the time of me recording music (2006/7) I was listening to a lot of Genesis and “the new Jerusalem” is the last three words sung at the end of ‘Supper’s Ready’ which I was really into. I did a handful of gigs to puzzlement, indifference, annoyance and sometimes adulation with the sample-heavy music backing coming through an iPod and live guitar playing – and now I think it’s time, as is the fashion these days, for a few reunion gigs, a retrospective, rather like the Stone Roses and Carter USM. I’ve decided to put a few tracks on this here soundcloud, which at the moment has demos and previously unreleased tracks on there, in readiness for their full re-booting later on in the year. Be warned though – the music is intentionally loud and distorted on some tracks – to get the music sounding right – so be careful on the old ears and speakers. Enjoy!


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