Walking and Art – Part 1

This is an examination of my notes from Hannah Hull’s ‘Walking and Art’ that featured as part of the excellent ‘Still Walking’ festival which happened in Birmingham last March. ‘Walking and Art’ took place at The Anchor in Digbeth, and I must say, it was damn good. However because my memory of that evening is rather sketchy, I will let the hyperlinks do the talking, divert at some tangents, and make art out of the words. And first, of course, the necessary rambling pre-amble.

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Over the next few weeks / Extract from ‘The Wind’…

It’s been a busy last few weeks at home and is set to get much busier. But i’m back in the swing of things. Over the next few weeks i’ll be writing up my thoughts on Hannah Hull’s Walking and Art talk at the Anchor, a story based around Matt and Pete’s Photo Walk  which were both left-over work from the end of March, but which I had to put on the back burner. My back-log has expanded! My MA Final Project is nearly complete, just a few days need to be spent on the commentary and areas for further research. The Malthouse Engineering project is going excellently and that’s going to take off in May. And further – imminent work with Friction Arts and a very exciting publishing project that’s going to raise the game of enhanced texts in the West Midlands.And also, the beautiful Edible Eastside, the allotments on Fazeley Street, where i’ve rented a patch and will be growing a ratatouille. The flat in Town is now home to seeds ready for planting in May. Ideas sown etc…And then there is also the matter of my brand new niece, Lara Jasmine. For the while, have a look at this…an extract from The Wind that is being edited to be included in my Final Project. Here, the snow has come, and a slight thaw is spreading. This indicates that the city is becoming alive, and now, it is literally, not metaphorically alive…

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