Out of the Abyss

I emerged from the abyss, triumphant at around 1pm this afternoon. The washing up had finally been done. My celebratory fake fish’n’chips were browning away nicely in the oven (that’s breaded fillets and potato waffles) and as an extra treat, I was going to have peas with my sweetcorn. A full bottle of ketchup on the side. All good. I was puzzled why I was still so tired. Perhaps my gargantuan intake of espresso the day before hadn’t been the best idea I’d ever had. So much so I couldn’t even look at the 500ml can on Irn Bru which was now in the fridge. I guess that it would be saved for a special occasion (i.e. the hangover from hell.)

Last night was excellent, a great day of film and exploration. I’d finished by watching ‘Into the Abyss’, was another marvellous, but gruelling piece of work by the always excellent Werner Herzog. The documentary was littered with hidden corpses, dried blood and healed gunshot wounds, and punctuated with the tell-tale signs of appalling educational standards and the grim merry-go-round that the subjects lived in. I found the gales of mocking laughter in the audience at the more redemptive and idealistic moments rather unsettling, but I hope this was more directed in fear and shock at the unremitting horror that was unfolding on screen.  I’m still not sure whether I will sit through the ‘On Death Row’ series when it’s on Channel 4 next week, but seeing as I usually like to bang on about the paucity of Channel 4 programming I think I should vote with my feet (or words to that effect.) Top marks to Flatpack for programming it, and it was good to see such a full house.

What does today bring? By the looks of it, more death, resurrection, exploration and psychedelia. I won’t have much time to drink in my surroundings on the way up to the Custard Factory as i’m still here, but I am looking forward to soothing my slightly shaky caffiene withdrawal hangover with Made in Wolverhampton. As much as i’d love to go to Requiem for a Village, I doubt i’ll make it in time, but will try (mind you the washing does need hanging out.) And then a trip to three, maybe four of Birmingham’s art galleries – Eastside Projects and Grand Union have two openings, and the Bring Your Own Beamer event at VIVID certainly looks very interesting indeed. After that, it’s going to be Outer Sight at The Edge. Then back home, whisked back into the shimmering lights of The Arcadia(N). And then, I shall be writing again on Saturday.


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