What i’m going to be doing over the next few weeks…

Those who know me will be aware that I am currently working on my first major project – an extended work of creative non-fiction called ‘The Wind’ – re-imagining Birmingham through psychogeography, urban exploration and magic realism. And I will be firmly getting my re-imagining hat on from tomorrow, with the advent of the Flatpack festival, the Still Walking festival and the FIERCE festival, which will all take us up to the 8th of April.

During this period, the spotlight will be on the city. It will be seen from many different and exciting new angles, and ways in which a city can transform and alter itself will be obvious to those experiencing it.  I will also be making a trip to Liverpool and possibly Leicester, and be writing up my thoughts on my recent trips to the Lake District and London, all of which have significant connections to my current project. There’s another significance here. Can you see what it is? What does it mean?

As I write my thoughts on the coming weeks, elements of the final project will reveal itself (but not too much mind you!) along with details of more projects I will be working on. And hopefully, you will see another transformation – this will turn into a real blog. Geppetto will be so proud.


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