Whoa! Where did it all go?

Good morning (stick the kettle on and potter about to this). The music will get you into the suburban psychedelic mind.

Well there’s no point in having a blog that just sort of lingers there like a stale old fart is there? There’s no beauty in it. Neither like a derelict building with its intriguing dilapidation and carelessly broken windows, nor a piece of antique clutter with possible worth. No, just a series of out-dated musings and procrastinations, no good to man nor beast. Eventually the host will get bored of the dithering about and delete it from its server, and it’ll be consigned to the ERROR 404 room, the stark whites and harsh blues, to be held in limbo, in fuzzy static pain. So, a quick resurrection job, get the scalpels out, and all is good.


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