Time Gentlemen, Please

An early draft of a story that i’m working on. A lot of the themes that are in this story (derelict boozers, distortions of time and space) and a lot of the descriptions (the seductive cloying smells of the pub) can be seen in other works I have produced, but, I thought this would be nice for a Thursday afternoon. If you’re in the pub reading this, I salute you. I reckon the premise could be turned into a good piece of drama. The story was written after a trip to an empty pub I was priviledged enough to be invited to – there are pictures – but they will emerge at a later date.

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Digbeth, where boys become men.

Digbeth, where boys become men.

A chill winter morning near the markets. Ordering my sausage with tomato sauce on white at the sandwich van, which is positioned next to the outdoor fruit and veg markets. The women behind the counters are dressed in paper overalls and hats,  their  bronzed arms and hands working a busy trade.Read More »