An interview with Shaun Gambol Walsh and the Plagarists…

I was invited by Shaun and Dave from “Britain’s Most Hated Band” Shaun Gambol Walsh and the Plagarists, to talk to them about the launch of their new single “Cracking Spread”, which is out this Friday 21 September, ahead of their gig at the Sunday Xpress at Centrala, Digbeth, this weekend. We met on a balmy July night at The British Oak in Stirchley, and sat in the beer garden with a couple of pints. On asking Shaun why he’d decided to write a song about the snack, said that as people were always going on about what a great lyricist he is, he decided to write about a buffet in order to annoy them.
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Magician: Walking Back The Cat…a preview for Singapore…

A blog analysing the second part in the ‘Magician’  trilogy by Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou, is currently showing as part of the Singapore International Photography Festival Curatorial Project Showcase, at Gillman Barracks, Singapore until 28 Oct. Magician: Walking Back The Cat is a work concerned with Remote Viewing (sensing with the mind)  and more broadly, collective anxieties surrounding mass surveillance, and this blog looks at projecting personal anxiety onto mass media, how it correlates with the modern world, and how it may be used against the masses.

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The ever-revolving Resistance (68/18)

This year, there has been an exhibition, “Birmingham 68”, overseen by the Flatpack Film Festival in tandem with Birmingham City University, and a ‘radio-film’ broadcast on Brum Radio, “Resistance 68”, created by Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou. Both address the spirit of  counterculture in 1968, and examines the parallels we can draw within today’s society.

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A (non-extensive) preview of Flatpack Festival…

I attended the Flatpack Festival Volunteer Meeting on Saturday 31 March, and decided to make some notes about what to expect for what was going to be their 12th festival within Birmingham, which will run from 13 – 22 April. What I saw that morning was effectively a whistle stop tour through the extensive programme, which you can find at all good arts venues and hubs city-wide. This, I thought, was only a small fraction of a curator’s choice, not, as you’ll find out, by any means exhaustive.

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Interview with the Bandleader MPH of The Day Ends

It’s become customary in this blog to dip into the murky world of music journalism, with my bi-yearly interviews with the artist now known as Bandleader MPH aka Matt ‘The Lip’ Hale (formerly Miles Perhower) of super Bearwood beat combo The Day Ends.

They’ve got two gigs coming up over the next month, the first on Saturday 17 February at The Windsor Snooker Club in Bearwood, and the second on Sunday 25 March at the Sunday Xpress at Centrala. Both gigs are going to be live-streamed on the new Day Ends TV channel, but, as you can see some the strong words below, a splendid time will be guaranteed for all live and in person…

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‘Magician Walks into the Laboratory’ – a radio-film debuting this Thursday on Brum Radio

Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou are broadcasting a special edition of Sleeve Notes (Session #91) on Brum Radio on Thursday 15 February.

Their sound-art installation, ‘Magician Walks into the Laboratory’ debuted at the CET Building in Coventry last year. The work, and the following discussions that arose, will be a departure point for Thursday’s show, a ‘radio-film’ developed especially for Sleeve Notes. The ‘Magician’ project is part of a trilogy spanning three decades, set against the backdrop of Europe’s Iron Curtain, with its core themes stemming from surveillance techniques and intelligence gathering methods used by CIA, the Stasi, and the KGB.

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Magician Goes Down The Rabbit-Hole

Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley presented “Magician Walks into the Laboratory” in collaboration with Professor Jack Klaff as part of The Future, shown throughout the inaugural Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art in October. During the exhibition, Professor Klaff was invited to talk about the installation and its deeper meanings, which for me raised some very interesting points, particularly surrounding hauntology, 21st century paranoia, and genius loci – notions on how places feel, which will be referenced further in the next part of their trilogy “Walking Back The Cat” which deals with Stasi surveillance.

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